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Welcome to The Legacy Training Group

The Mission of the Legacy Training Group is education and training in Practical Self-Reliance. Through Legacy, you have access to the research, testing and application of resources that will make your time of self-reliance an adventure and not a nightmare.


What you need, where to get it and what will it cost. A plan that will put you at ease, provide the necessities of life for your family and do it without spending a fortune, turning into a survivalist or filling your home with years’ worth of food and supplies.

We offer a course in Personal Protection in the Home. The course provides an eye opening look at your home and personal space. We guide you through the steps necessary to make your home more secure and give you the skill sets to protect yourself and loved ones.

Richard Savage, the Director of the Legacy Training Group and NRA Instructor, has been a resident of Michigan for over 60 years. A husband, father, Viet Nam vet and an ordained minister, he brings to the table a wealth of life and teaching experience. 

“Together, we will lay the foundation of safe, effective, common sense approach to self-reliance and personal protection that will give you both confidence and peace of mind.”

Premium Purchase Incentives
$300 - $500- $1000 - $1500 - $2000 Levels

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S.A.F.E. Approach - A Self Reliance Plan
Affordable & Practical

Strategic • Affective • Failsafe • Effective

Concealed Pistol License Certification
Safe - Ethical - Effective Training

Berkey Water Filtration & Purification since 1862

All American Solar Ovens
Cook with the Power of the Sun

Legacy Premium Freeze Dried Meals
Delicious & Nutritious 

“Prepare out of wisdom not fear.”
- Richard Savage Legacy Training Group
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